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Most Experienced NLP Coach in India:

Neeraj Srivastava is India’s Leading Life /  NLP / Success / Behavioural / Parenting  Coach, Business Consultant, Corporate  Trainer & Visiting Faculty at various  Institutions / Organizations of India. 

Travels extensively across India to train the  life of students / people & employees of  Corporates like Insurance & Banking Sector,  Several NGOs, Educational institutions and  Schools etc.

Having more than 19+ years experience has  trained & Re-Transformed the life of more  than 1.25 lakh trainees / employees/ students & Individuals on  various soft  skills topics.

Held Regular talk shows on TV i.e. Youth  Express programme on DD National, Take Live  call  in  Programmes on  Career Counseling,  Entrepreneurship /  Business Development, Personality Development,  Stress Management Anger, Anxiety  Depression etc.

Neeraj Srivastava : The Most Experienced NLP Coach in India:

Specializes in Activity based Programmes-  (In-House and outbound) Peak Performance  through NLP, Leadership, Motivation,  Achieving Dreams/Goals/Success through  NLP, Team Building, Art of Negotiation,  Conflict Management, Communication Skills,  Etiquettes, Interview Skills, Organizational  Structure , HR, Management, Customer  Relationship Management, Time  Management & Stress elimination, Sales and  Marketing, and many more.

Had been associated with the Institute of  Chartered Accountants of India as Senior  Executive & in Administration with the Govt.  of NCT of Delhi.

Recipients of Shooting Star Award  (Leadership and Motivation Programmes) at  Reliance Life Insurance (ADA Group).

Corporate Jury at various programme  organized by leading B- Schools, Institutions  and NGOs.

Judicial member for the Project Didi  Programme regulated by the District Police  by the order of Supreme Court.